Yoga Beyond Fitness

Most of us think of Yoga as being related to fitness and exercise, and off course this is true because yoga is a physical activity that can stretch and strengthen the body and it makes you feel good but  Yoga does not have to be a strong and intense practice in-order to gain benefit. Infact sometimes the more gentle and subtle practices are what our body needs in order to release tension and awaken the prana (life force energy).    

Yoga in our western culture tends to focus on the physical postures with the aim to master more difficult and demanding postures with continued practice. This can be very satisfying particularly for younger, fit people but for many of us this can be off-putting due to our physical limitations, age, injuries and other health conditions. Let’s face it most people have injuries and I have seen many people practicing yoga who are working against themselves, or even aggravating their body and injuring themselves.  The essence of Yoga is to create harmony which is the greatest gift we can give ourselves as this leads to greater inner balance and improved health and well-being on a physical, mental and energetic level.  

At Bamboo Yoga School we offer yoga classes varying in style and intensity but we are predominantly coming from the Health and Wellbeing perspective so it’s not all about how difficult or complex the posture is. The Yoga we offer incorporates movement and asana, breath regulation and pranayama, rest and stillness. Mind management, or mind mastery as we like to call it,  is also an important aspect of yoga and some say the most important ! At Bamboo Yoga School we embrace this and wish to share this wisdom and experience with others. Yoga provides a holistic approach to improving your health and well-being on all levels of your being.     

If you are a new to yoga, or you have injuries that maybe limiting you and your ability to perform physical exercise or you have had unfavorable experiences in the past with yoga classes then come and try us at Bamboo Yoga School. A good starting point for beginners is Rose’s class on Thursday evening at 6pm, or if you have injuries or other limitations and some yoga experience  Matt’s remedial style of yoga on Tuesday 6pm or Wednesday 9.30am maybe appropriate. Other classes are available - see website for details

Even before considering attending a class you may have some questions and queries relating to your specific needs so please give Matt a call who is more than happy to chat with you and provide information as to the best approach for yourself. M: 0430 008 293