Hatha involves more static postures with practices repeated, with the focus activating Pranic energy and balancing the nadis. The classes usually involved pranayama and a short meditation or yoga nidra. 

Hatha Flow is a blend of vinyasa and traditional Hatha yoga practices with pranayama and relaxation and/or meditation.




Vinyasa yoga is often referred to as flow and involves smooth sequences and transitions connecting the postures. The dynamic nature of this practice develops flexibility, strength and endurance within our physical body and our nervous system. The practice can be done gently or intensely, and modified to suit all levels of experience and capability.




Yin yoga involves holding the pose and softening with the breathe. The practice increases flexibility through stretching the connective tissues, the ligaments and tendons and fascia, and softening the mind with slow mindful breath. Yin is a wonderful practice, very popular with our students, and a great way to prepare for meditation practice.

Yang to Yin starts with more dynamic practices moving then towards stillness and introversion.


Yoga Nidra



Yoga Nidra is both a meditation practice where we refine our minds and a practice of deep relaxation where we restore vitality to our physical bodies. In so many ways it is the perfect 'counter-pose practice' for our busy lives in this busy world.

Many yogis attribute this practice as their 'breakthrough practice' with meditation - through regular engagement with this profound technique we are able to sink deep and fast into profound states of conscious awareness.