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Matt Wierzbicki

Matt is a senior yoga teacher with nearly 20 years of yoga experience and over 3000 hours of teaching experience. His desire to learn and teach yoga took him to India a number times and he completed his training in Satyananda Yoga in 2009. Matt teaches Hatha Yoga but his style includes a strong remedial and exercise science component and therefore his classes are accessible to those with injuries and illnesses. A typical class taught by Matt will include asana (postures), breath awareness and sequencing, pranayama (breathing practice), and Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) with the overall aim to cultivate a meditative awareness and calmness.

Matt also has extensive training as a yoga therapist and body worker/remedial massage therapist where he works one on one with clients to achieve holistic and sustainable solutions for physical and mental wellbeing. For more information on Matt’s professional services go to his website or contact him directly on M: 0430 008 293.

Matt is one of the originators and owners of the Bamboo Yoga School.

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Mark Purser

Mark has been studying the art and practice of yoga and meditation for over 20 years with experience in most of the major yoga traditions, including Iyengar, Astanga, Bikram, Sivananda and Satyananda, as well as many years practicing Daoist Qigong, Buddhist Vipassana,  and Tantric Meditation. Mark holds a 1400 hour Yogic Studies Diploma with the Academy of Yogic Science.

Within his classes Mark seeks to connect his students to the vast knowledge base of the yoga tradition in a meaningful and lighthearted way. Mark's classes embrace embraces the flow from modern vinyasa style practice with woven elements of yogic meditation practices, kundalini yoga, mantra, pranayama and mindfulness.

Mark offers classes in Hatha Yoga (physical practice), Yoga Nidra and Meditation.

Mark is one of the originators and owners of the Bamboo Yoga School.


Leigh Ostermeier

Leigh is a well known and popular yoga teacher has been teaching in the Byron area for 8 years and has been a student of yoga for over 15 years. The classes she offers at The Bamboo Yoga School are a mindfulness based flow and yin yoga. Leigh's passion is to help students step into the present moment and to stay in it as a way of being and to cultivate peace and ease in body and mind through the practice of yoga.

Leigh's teachings connect students with their own sense on innate wisdom and ease, with a delicate balance between gentle practices and challenging asana, her classes offer students a precious balance between action and calm. 


Suzie Victoria

Suzie is a passionate and highly skilled yogini who brings creativity and fun into her practice and class.

Suzie studied originally with Tara Folton in Nicaragua, before continuing her training with at 300 hr training in Ashtanga Vinyasa at Abhinam Yoga in India. She has subsequently completed many specialist trainings in Yin Yoga, classical yoga, and yoga philosophy.

Suzie teaches both soft and strong Vinyasa classes challenging the students to step out of their comfort zones in a safe and trusting environment.

Suzie teaches from a place of love, passion and playfulness, she sequence most of her classes based on the understanding of the nervous systems igniting certain energy centres within the body inviting all the sensations, feeling all the layers and calming the mind through breath. Her aim is to create a practice that unify’s the mind, body, and soul.


Jules Ashby

Jules has studied in many different lineages including; Jivamutki, Classical Hatha, Bikram, Vinyasa Flow, Satyananda, Kundalini, Restorative Yoga, Power, Raja, Bhakti, Anusara, Yin Yoga, Acroyoga & SN Goenkas Vipassana Meditation.

After being called onto the path to teach 10yrs ago, Jules has taught many styles including AcroYoga, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Hatha, Yoga Nidra, Pre-Natal, Post-Natal, Kids and Teens Yoga, teaching in many different places to many different bodies, Jules finds the best style of Yoga to be that which arises intuitively in the moment.

Jules is most interested and drawn to slowing down enough to be able to listen to the intuition that comes through in the silent space. She seeks to empower her students into their own sovereignty by allowing them the space to trust in their own jewels of wisdom.


Kristina Atchinson

Kristina was introduced to the powerful, transformational effects of Yoga by her grandmother in her early teens and has been a dedicated student ever since. Her style includes Yin, Restorative, Hatha and Vinyasa with a background in Pilates, Yoga Therapy and Personal Training.

Classes with Kristina focus on centering and soothing the mind, developing strength and balance in a gentle manner with the power of affirmation and intention. Kristina started her training in Sydney with Qi Yoga, Power Living and Adore Yoga Therapy. She teaches general and private classes in Byron bay and at her overseas retreats.


Erin Tetarenko

Erin guides a meditative yoga practice and holds a nurturing, supportive space with an emphasis on developing higher levels of awareness. She believes that the body is a vehicle for transformation and that by developing self- awareness, we create opportunities for shifts towards greater well-being.

She draws on over 12 years of experience facilitating in health and wellness, her life experiences and educational background: a synergy of yoga, human movement science, coaching psychology, and mindfulness. Her teachings are influenced by various mentors and teachers along with styles of traditional Hatha, Embodied FlowTM, Vinyasa flow, and yin yoga.


Ashley Bond

Ashley is an immensely skilled and experienced yoga teacher who began practicing yoga over 20 years ago recognizing this practice as much more than just exercise.

Her training stems from the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala in 1999 South India learning Hatha Yoga and Philosophy.

Ashley continued her practice and study over many years studying Ashtanga Vinyasa directly with the late Sri Patthabi Jois at his home in Lakshmipuram in Mysore. Continuing her training with many senior accredited Ashtanga Yoga teachers.

Since moving to Australia in 2008 Ash has intensively studied Iyengar Yoga with Glenn Ceressoli and has since evolved into teaching her greatest passion, which is Yin Yoga, after intensive study with Mysan Sidbo in Sydney.

Ashley’s classes bring an immense wealth of sensitivity and knowledge, yet are delivered in a in a light-hearted and fun way.


Alison Nankivell

Alison accidently picked up Patanjalis Yoga Sutras at the tumultuous age of 18, and finally life began to a bit more sense. The philosophy, the reflection, the answers to inner questions and feelings and the process of self discovery captured her heart and mind and life was never to be the same again. 

Over the years Alison has immersed herself in Pantanjali's teachings, studying in Los Angeles, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Costa Rica.  Through many years of devoted study and practice, Alison has been able to create and teach her own version of what Yoga is to her

Alison has completed studies in Fitness (Pilates), Massage, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin and has a enduring and expanding passion for the practices of meditation.