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Yoga for the Mind

  • Bamboo Yoga School Byron Bay (map)

4hr workshop with Mark Purser

Early bird $38, full price $45 (from 26 Oct)

This experiential workshop will explore the nature of the Mind from the perspective of Yoga. You will learn a time honoured framework in engaging with anxiety, thoughts, emotions, desires and fears and you will learn potent techniques to support you in your personal quest towards the Mastery of your own Mind.

This workshop is suitable for anyone looking to learn new skills to support their quest for emotional and mental resilience with the aim to develop equanimity. It is ideal for all yogis - from beginners to advanced practitioners - who are seeking to learn an integrated system of meditation techniques that connect seamlessly with a hatha yoga practice.

The workshop will cover the following;

  • yoga psychology

  • 2 meditation techniques that are simple and powerful

  • relaxation practices (yoga nidra) to help release tension so you can gain a deeper meditative state

  • asana and pranayama practice to help direct the awareness within (pratyahara)

  • personal instruction to suit your needs and condition



Mark Purser teaches from the tradition of Yogic Meditation - a potent system of meditation techniques and timeless philosophy that offers path ways to greater awareness, deep calm and ultimately true bliss.

Mark has been studying the art and practice of yoga and meditation for over 20 years with experience in most of the major yoga traditions, including Iyengar, Astanga, Bikram, Sivananda and Satyananda, as well as many years practicing Daoist Qigong, Buddhist Vipassana, and Tantric Meditation. Mark holds a 1400 hour Yogic Studies Diploma with the Academy of Yogic Science and is one of the originators and owners of the Bamboo Yoga School .