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Evolution through the Chakras - with Swami Mukti

  • Bamboo Yoga School 74-78 Bangalow Road Byron Bay, NSW, 2481 Australia (map)
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Evolution through the Chakras

Early Bird price of $65 finishes 16 Sept , or $75 full price.

The Chakra System is both an esoteric and highly pragmatic way of understanding the nature of our human condition.

Many spiritual systems reference the chakra system, in all sorts of ways, but the roots of this system are derived from and remain in the wisdom of Tantra and Hatha Yoga.

Few people are better qualified to speak on this subject than Swami Mukti, as a recognised yoga acharya (master of yoga) and author of multiple books on tantric hatha yoga - including one of the worlds most respected commentaries on the Hatha Yoga Pradapika - Muktibodha is a foremost authority in the western world on the subjects of yoga and tantra.

For yoga teachers and aspirants - an understanding on the nature of the chakra and nadi system is paramount in understanding the purpose and potential of yoga practice. We can use this wisdom - the intricacies of our sub-conscious personality - as a roadmap to navigate our own self - evolution and the development of our students.

Everyone has basic needs deeply rooted into their subtle bodies and unconscious mind. These desires form the foundation and structure of your life. Your ability to be aware of the basic ‘chakra needs’ that drive you has a direct influence on your health, happiness and sense of fulfilment in life.

When you are unaware of these drives and are unable to meet these primal needs, your subconscious will motivate you to fulfil them in anyway possible. This can result in behaviours that may even be counterproductive.

During this workshop you will look at the basic driving force of each chakra, the aspect of your nature that needs to be realised and bring balance to the system through powerful yogic techniques of Kriya Yoga, Yoga Nidra and self-analysis.

About Swami Mukti

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Swami Mukti studied at Bihar School of Yoga, Munger India, from 1976 to 86. She authored and had published 'Swara Yoga the Tantric Science of Brain Breathing' and a highly regarded commentary on 'Hatha Yoga Pradpika, The Light on Hatha Yoga' during this time. Her latest book is titled 'Energy, the Spark of Life and Universal Goddess'.

Swami Mukti currently lives in Brisbane and conducts general Yoga classes that include postures, breathing and yoga nidra relaxation meditation. She also teaches more advanced practices of Kundalini Kriya Yoga Meditation, Prana Vidya, Tattwa Shuddhi Tantrik meditation and more.

Swami Mukti travels interstate and overseas conducting yoga workshops, retreats and teacher training courses in classical Tantric Hatha Yoga.

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