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Tantra - The Power & Mastery of Prana with Brad Hay

  • Bamboo Yoga School 74-78 Bangalow Rd BYRON BAY Australia (map)
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Join senior ParaYoga teacher for this experiential workshop exploring Tantric Hatha Yoga through the faculties of body, heart and mind.

Tantric Hatha Yoga is an ancient, comprehensive, sophisticated, field of knowledge, practice, science and wisdom. It’s possibly more relevant now than ever in our modern times with an amplitude of distractions, stimulation, choices, and instability of all kinds. The wisdom and evolving technology of Tantra covers all facets of life and ultimately teaches us how to become steady and strong in our true Self and to be a powerful radiant vessel of energy, light, and wisdom.

Tantra primarily focuses on the cultivation and masterful use of energy (prana) in all of its forms. In this workshop we will look at how to intentionally utilise the incredible practices of Tantric Hatha Yoga with skill, direction and purpose to work with specific energies of the body, mind and subtle body.

Topics Covered:

  • Overview and Scope of Tantra Yoga

  • The Energetics of Hatha Yoga

  • The 5 Pranic Forces (Vayus) in the body and their functions

  • Subtle Body Chakras and Nadis

  • Masterful use of Asana, Bandha, Breath

  • Tantric Meditation Kriyas

The workshop will consist of both lectures and practice (asana, pranayama, bandha) and is open to all with some experience of basic asana and pranayama



Brad Hay is a world class Yoga and Meditation teacher, a practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine and a life enthusiast. His professional teaching experience stretches over 19 years and he has practiced Yogic related techniques for over 30 years.

Brad’s students highly regard him as a very knowledgeable, intuitive and powerful teacher with great patience and compassion. He invokes practical wisdom and embodies a deep understanding of the Tantra Yoga Tradition. Brad’s first “official” training was Yoga Arts world-renowned 9 month full time Yoga Training in Byron Bay Australia 2003 under the guidance of some of the countries leading teachers.

In 2007 Brad met his current teacher of 12 years, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, founder of Para Yoga. Rod is considered to be one of the worlds preeminent and leading authorities in the Tantra Yoga tradition. Rod officially initiated Brad into the lineage of Sri Vidya in 2010. After years of intensive training and mentorship with Rod, Brad completed ParaYoga’s Master Training Program and is considered one of Para Yoga's leading senior certified teachers

Brad's practice sessions are taught with intention, precision, purpose and skill.  Brad utilizes the practicality and wisdom of Ayurveda, the focus and concentration of classical Yoga, and the technology and power of Tantric Hatha.  Prepare to engage in a combination of mindful, strong, static poses along with some steady, graceful flowing sequences, enlivening pranayama, Bandhas, Vedic Mantras and finally the culmination of all, Tantric kriya Meditation and a deeply restful and transformative savasana.

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