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Meditation Essentials Workshop

3 hour workshop with Matt Wierzbicki

$30 pp - for bookings follow this link

Is meditation something you have been meaning to do but you don’t know where to start? Have you tried mediation and struggled with it or given up? Do you practice meditation but not sure if you are doing it right?  If you have answered YES to any of these questions then this workshop is for you.

In this Meditation Essentials Workshop you will learn about the art and science of yogic meditation and come to understand the fundamental ingredients of a meditation practice that is simple and accessible for everyone.

You will learn skills that will enable you to develop your ability to sit quietly and become the observer which in turn creates space and present awareness. These techniques are invaluable tools that will support you to reduce agitation and anxiety and cultivate a more mindful and harmonious approach to living.

Yogic mediation is derived from the ancient Tantra practices and teachings of the Yoga Sutra’s BUT more importantly this workshop will provide you with practical means and ways to discover the harmonious inner state that yogi’s have been talking about for centuries. Its classical meditation taught in a modern context.

The workshop shall include the following;
• Instruction and experience of two meditation techniques suitable for beginners or established practitioners
• How to be comfortable in your meditation posture with appropriate modifications. Sitting in lotus is not for everyone!
• Explanation of yoga psychology which is different to western psychology and in our view a more holistic approach to understanding our minds and nature.
• Discussion of obstacles that commonly arise on the path of meditation

Matt is a senior yoga teacher with nearly 20 years’ experience in different esoteric traditions, yoga and meditation. He has a down to earth approach and draws on his vast knowledge and wisdom but more importantly on his life experiences and his own regular yoga and meditation practice. Call him if you have any questions M: 0430 008 293.

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